About Us

Nottingham-Based Garage Conversion Specialists (covering nationwide)

The Garage Conversion Specialists is a local business and has been involved with the home improvement and building industry for many years. We are the area’s leading authority on garage conversions, which is still a relatively new concept in the home improvement space.

Full or Partial Conversions

We understand that many families require additional space but are unable to afford moving to a larger house.

Even if you do not wish to convert your entire garage and prefer to retain the door, we can perform a partial conversion. This allows you to keep the front portion for storage, such as bicycles, while the rest is transformed into a room of your choosing. This alteration does not alter the appearance of the front of your house but provides extra living space.

A standard garage measures 5m x 2.4m, which means you would gain an additional living area of 12 square metres. That’s a significant amount of living space that currently goes unused and can be effectively utilized by you and your family.

Endless POssibilities

You can maximize the utility of your garage space.

We have converted garages into various types of rooms, although most garage conversions are typically transformed into bedrooms, sometimes with en suite shower facilities. You could create a home office, dining room, larger kitchen, or even a children’s playroom.

Occasionally, a garage conversion is utilized to accommodate an elderly relative or to generate income by renting it out to students or lodgers. Whatever ideas you have in mind, one of our consultants can discuss the practical aspects with you and provide appropriate advice. However, it is important to be realistic about the available space and ensure compliance with current building regulations.

What are the possible uses for my converted garage?

Most garages are no longer used for parking cars but serve as storage spaces for unwanted household items, old furniture, children’s toys, and things that might come in handy someday! Does that sound familiar?

Frequently, garages are simply expensive storage rooms that could be put to a more cost-effective use. Based on our experience, we have discovered that the majority of garage contents can often be disposed of, clearing the garage. There are local specialist businesses that advertise their services and can assist you with this.

At your service

From your initial contact with The Garage Conversion Specialists until the completion of your garage conversion, we will always be available to advise you and address any questions you may have.

Once you make your initial call, we will schedule a convenient time to visit you and provide a free, no-obligation quotation.